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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

The Catskills, NY - Aug / Sep 2018 (3) - beasts!

Eastern Chipmunks - everywhere around the cabin and surrounding woods, as expected, along with American Grey Squirrels (with American Red Squirrels also noted).

Northern Water Snake (above and below)

Water Snakeskin from the garden pond

White-tailed Deer (above and below) - common in the woods


Garter Snake in the garden - check out that tongue....

Indigo, George and Kat snake-bothering

Worst possible photo of best possible beast - Porcupine in nearby woods. Contrary to the impression given by the image, this dinky little dude took its time lazily shuffling past us on the trail.... 

Eastern Newts in the garden pond (above and below)

Genuinely one of my favourite photos of the trip - a bear in the woods just beyond the cabin, snapped with my mobile phone....

...... and again, but this time after it climbed up onto the deck and swiped the bird feeder. One of many entertaining encounters with Black Bears over the course of the trip.

While I'm here, a quick shout out to my friend Gary (The Biking Birder) and his excellent blog - Gary has just returned home from another long adventure raising money for Birdlife International and his exploits are always hugely entertaining!