Champions of the Flyway!

Friday, December 14, 2018

Berlin, December 2018

Ridiculously cool / cute caudatus Long-tailed Tit, Teufelsburg
Five days in one of our favourite cities with some of our favourite people was resolutely not a birding trip, and I was in two minds as to whether to pack the camera and bins (= three quarters of my carry-on only luggage and a predictable pain in the neck at security) at all.... But I did, and although our adventure time in a nat hist capacity was limited to a couple of hours wandering around a dark, cold, windy Grunewald / Teufelsberg, Berlin provided, as it always does.

Not, Great, not Lesser - just right
Within those couple of hours, we'd a brilliantly close fly-by Goshawk pursuing a shrieking Great Spotted Woodpecker, flocks of roving passerines including snowbally caudatus Long-tailed Tits and numerous Marsh Tits, great views of Middle Spotted Woodpecker, Hawfinch and more.

Spot the fly-by Hawfinch aginst the deserted US radar station...
While most of our time was spent enjoying museums, Christmas markets and bars, that hardly ruled out the presence of wildlife of some diversity....

Naturkundemuseum - dinosaurs, specimen jars and plenty of decent birds....