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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

More From the Moor

Male Adder 
In the thick of it at the minute - bird surveys up on the Moors every day, bat surveys at night, and an upcoming three-day weekend guiding for Yorkshire Coast Nature - but it's all good; and spending these sunny days hiking on the most remote areas of moorland in Yorkshire in the warm sunshine means bonus collateral while searching out breeding waders....

Among recent treats, these Adders stood out (well, just enough not to tread on them anyway) basking on paths on the high tops, Golden Plovers and Curlews are either on eggs or have chicks already, the sphagnum mosses are at full tilt, Green Hairstreaks and Tiger Beetles are everywhere, Meadow Pipits and Skylarks are liberally scattered, and Tree Pipits, Crossbills, Redstarts, Siskins and Redpolls are among the vocal species of the woodland edge.

Meadow Pipit nest and eggs
Dwarf Haircap
Female Adder
Golden Plover

Coming across beautiful natural rock formations in the middle of nowhere is always a treat

Willow Warbler - a ubiquitous songster of the forests
Parachutin' Tree Pipit