Champions of the Flyway!

Monday, June 3, 2019

Forest Forays

Turtle Dove, Harwood Dale - a lucky beam of sunlight between heavy storms...
It's that time of year - chaos, in all the right ways. As well as being in the thick of the survey season (birds during the day, bats at night), it's also guest season, which means plenty of reasons to be up in the forests. Here's a few from recent forays, both at work and play....

Turtle dove with passerine friends
Brown Long-eared Bat (surveyed under license). Crappy phone pic of a magical beast...
Slow Worm - one of several we were lucky to find in Dalby Forest

Male Common Crossbill
Curlew on the forest edge
Tree Pipit
As you can see, my wife takes our natural history excursions extremely seriously