Friday, June 28, 2019

Always Leave 'em Wanting Moor

Golden Plover
It's a wrap - 54 surveys across the most remote parts of the North York Moors, beginning back in early April and ending this afternoon. Warm sunshine has domiminated these last few days up on the tops, which have been productive - breeding Ring Ouzels, Golden Plovers and Curlews with well-grown chicks, Merlins and Hobbys on territory (with Kestrel and Peregrine, I had four falcon sp. with 2km sq today - there can't be too many places in the country where that's possible in the breeding season?), and plenty of non-avian highlights....

... most notably in the often ragged shape of Painted Ladies, many hundreds of which contrasted against the vivid purple heather; a significant influx has been underway back here on the coast, and with the unfathomable numbers we saw migrating through Israel earlier in the year, god only knows how many of these migratory superheroes I've had the pleasure of watching this year so far.

A worn Painted Lady...
... and a very worn Painted Lady
Ring Ouzel predating sheep