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Friday, June 7, 2019

Plover-zealous Parenting

The ringleader...
More from the moors this spring, this time involving both breeding plover species - most notably a badly-behaved sibling trio of Lapwing chicks who, despite their parents' best efforts, continued messing about dangerously in the middle of the road.... I usually try and avoid intervening but, with three errant fluffballs running riot, a rescue mission was required, and they were safely deposited together away from the road and with both adults instantly back on shepherding duties.

... and his two cohorts
An older youngster doing a lousy job of hiding
Golden Plovers are thinly scattered up on the higher moors, and their parenting skills differ from Lapwings in that they rely more on distraction - both parents 'leading' any potential predator away from the chicks with their frankly grating high-pitched whine (which gets more annoying and higher-pitced the closer you get to their chicks), as opposed to the more direct, agressive mobbing of Lapwings (who will even happily divebomb a car if it looks a bit sketchy to them).

Golden Plovers