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Sunday, October 4, 2020

Flamborough, 4th October 2020

Red-flanked Bluetail, Old Fall 

A mighty fine, bird-filled ten hours straight in the field at Flamborough with comrade Rich involving hundreds of tomato-soup-stained Robins, heaps of Chiffys and Goldcrests, good numbers of Song Thrushes and Redwings, Red-flanked Bluetail, Great Grey Shrike, Redstarts, Spot Flys, a scattering of Yellow-browed Warblers, Firecrest, Ring Ouzels, Crossbills and much more....
(Common) Redstart

 Flash mobs of these ticking timebombs everywhere

Yellow-brow - as iconically autumnal as a curling Sycamore leaf
A very showy Barred Warbler in the bay brambles
Three Scandinavian thrushes side by side - Song Thrush, Ring Ouzel and Redwing