Champions of the Flyway!

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Filey Stonechats, 8th June '21

It's all about the surveys this week, both professionally and voluntarily, and between early and late sessions on the North York Moors yesterday, I came back to the coast to do my Kittiwakes (and Cormorants) here on the Filey cliffs. Happily, I bumped into this extremely handsome lad along the coastal path; happier still, he was with his Mrs and two kids (see below).
Stonechats are a traditionally rare breeder here in the Filey are in recent years, with pairs often present in early spring almost always disappearing soon after, but this year, a small area of scrub beneath the cliff path was clearly enough to the job.
By coincidence, here's another freshly-fledged juvenile from Bay Ness, the day before: