Champions of the Flyway!

Saturday, August 14, 2021

YCN Pelagics, 12th & 13th Aug '21

Two back-to-back trips this weekend (one twilight, one full length) were a bit more challenging than usual on account of the wind and choppier conditions - but fortune favoured the brave, and all our clients had unforgettable experiences, thanks in no small part to our Bottlenose friends...
On both days we were joined by dolphin pods which included very young calves, and on both trips they came to us, and played, bow-rode and generally showed off beautifully for extended periods. Grey Seals, Harbour Porpoises and a great selection of seabirds, including Great and Arctic Skuas, Arctic, Common and Sandwich Terns, lots of auks and Scoters, huge feeding frenzies of Gannets and much more - but for the migration lovers, the standout highlight was a Marsh Harrier (see foot of post) which we picked up way, way out over sea, which eventually battled in over the boat and then over the highest sea cliff on England's east coast, into a strong westerly wind. Magic.