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Sunday, January 9, 2022

Richard's Pipit, Filey - 9th Jan '22

(Edit - above image added 13.01)
Flight and ground shots, video and audio of a Richard's Pipit, kicking around Carr Caze and the Rocket Pole Field here in Filey presently. Presumably the same bird found by Graham (Scott) over the holidays and reported by visiting birders a couple of times since, it's a disproportionately rare bird here in Filey - while not even a county rarity, it's far less than annual here, and I've only found two here in nearly ten years.


I ran the mp3 recorder in the hope of capturing some flight calls, which happily worked out - the lower, sparrow-like chirps are pretty clear alongside the higher squeaks of Rock and Meadow Pipits:


(... I've also left a little treat at the end of the recording for birders and sound recordists everywhere - yep, the timely intervention of Joe Public!)
For a while it gave great views and favoured the edges of the pond, but inevitably got hassled by birders and photographers (who even entered the field...) and sensibly withdrew to a less public area; if it's allowed to settle, it will likely remain fairly easy to enjoy.
Happy birthday to our much missed friend Martin (Garner), who would've been 58 today, and would have enjoyed (and added greatly) to this experience. Enjoy the birds, and each other, while you can.