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Saturday, April 16, 2022

Kumlien's Gull, Horseneck Beach - 7th April '22

Back to last week, and back to a quality session in the Gooseberry Neck / Horseneck Beach area of the southern coast of Massachusetts. American gulls are always an education, and with an apparent lack of white-wingers in the area all winter, I was more than happy enjoying the commoner species (see next post). Until we drove away, past a final small group, right by the car....
Initially mostly obscured behind an AHG, I caught a glimpse of a paler mantle as we sped on, hence a screeching halt - and what turned out to be ridiculous views of, and a great few minutes with, a pristine adult Kumlien's Gull.
Even if gulls are not your thing, you just have to swoon at this high arctic subspecies of Iceland Gull... white-wingers are always exhilarating, and this one was especially gorgeous.
What a beauty, eh?