Champions of the Flyway!

Friday, October 6, 2023

Long-finned Pilot Whales, Tarifa - August '23


One of - arguably the - stand-out highlight of the trip were these frankly bewitching Long-finned Pilot Whales. They were the undisputed stars of two pelagic trips (one with our YCN group, and one pre-group recon) we took out into the Straits of Gibraltar, being endlessly playful and inquisitive on both, as you can see from the videos; well worth watching if you want to need reminding just how joy-giving watching wildlife can be....


Various pods are resident in the area, and are sometimes curious enough to hang out with boats (fortunately for us, on both our excursions); as if the evidence of how wonderful they are isn't obvious enough in these videos, they're also closely-knit, co-operative, matriachal societies that come together to defend each other against threats (Orcas, for example), re-acquainting themeselves with each other by touch. New favourite animal? 100%.