Champions of the Flyway!

Sunday, October 1, 2023

Tarifa, August '23 - Lanner & Lesser Kestrel

It wasn't all big, broad-winged birds of prey, of course, and this ghostly bullet of a Lanner was one of the birds of the trip for me - not only on account of its scarcity (a rare passage migrant there) but because of its perfectly choreographed, close-up fly-by. As we watched clouds of Black Kites lifting up and collectively considering making a crossing attempt, this beauty whipped along the hillside below us, approached, and then hung in the air for a few seconds as we all gasped appreciatively before it sped up and away.
And not forgetting Lesser Kestrels, one of my favourite falcons which we had a good number of - mostly on migration, but this one on the church in Tarifa was a little more photogenic.