Champions of the Flyway!

Saturday, December 2, 2023

Filey, 2nd December '23

I know, it's been a long time... my excuses are the usuals (busy, away a lot) but are more legitimate than ever - it's been a manic few months even by recent standards, and I'm not long back from an extended, fruitful trip to the Highlands (more on that later). This morning was the first time I've been out on the doorstep in several weeks, and it was a perfect morning for it: -3°c at first light, and everything coated in a thick, sparkling frost.
Snow Buntings - lil' angels every one 

I didn't expect too much - a few Snow Buntings, maybe? - but as it turned out, a stomp around the Top Fields / North Cliff was fantastic; birds everywhere, scattered throughout the winter stubbles (a rarity in itself these days).
One of at least four mobile Lapland Buntings

I didn't have as long as I'd have liked, but in the window I had, highlights included at least two (very mobile) Shore Larks, at least four Lapland Buntings (ditto), a minimum of 48 Snow Buntings (including three in off the sea), 18 Snipe and 75 Golden Plovers in off, a Woodcock and 185+ Skylarks. The most productive terrestrial winter session here in a long time....
Part of large flock of low-flying Golden Plovers in off the sea
Three of 18 Snipe, ditto