Champions of the Flyway!

Friday, December 19, 2014

Trumpeters and (endemic) Linnets - Fuerteventura #5

Another relatively common passerine on the sandy and stony plains of the island, Trumpeter Finches were often frustratingly hard to pin down, until we found a wonderfully accommodating flock at the goat farm by Los Molinos; an entertaining little troupe that allowed very close approach, and were a pleasure to watch closely for a while.

Linnets of the endemic Eastern Canary Islands race (C.c.Harteti) were relatively well scattered in small numbers, although again were usually difficult to get close to; we found the best numbers, and the best opportunities to observe them, came at Costa Calma Park, where we'd up to 30 on our visits, (slightly bizarrely, alongside Yellow-browed Warblers and Monarchs).