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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Yellow-browed Warblers - Fuerteventura #2

Although we were aware Yellow-browed Warblers are known to occur - in very small numbers - on the Canaries in late autumn and winter, we didn't expect to come across them quite so easily, or indeed quite so many at once. We found them in two spots without much effort - in the Barranco de Las Penitas (see last post), and closer to base, in Costa Calma.

A small tourist town a short drive from our hotel on the south coast of the island, Costa Calma has a small public park by a busy roundabout and the main road, with - unusually - relative mature trees set on ornamental grounds. We were there for just a few minutes before hearing that always welcome tsooeest, and within half an hour we'd at least four birds - feeding avidly, and somewhat bizarrely, in palm trees and tamarisks.

We visited the park several times over the week, and became accustomed to their company on each occasion. As Rich pointed out, we've been lucky enough to see them on three continents - personally, bucketloads in Asia, many on the East coast here in Blighty (including 40-odd since moving to Filey in 2012), and now a handful of legitimate wintering birds on an African island. Every one a pleasure.