Saturday, April 27, 2019

Israel 2019, day sixteen - Batha Time

Calandra Lark - one of many 
Up into the beautiful, rolling hills north of Jerusalem for another very welcome opportunity to soak up the diversity and beauty of the Batha habitat (as enjoyed on the first day of the trip at Mt Amasa - see here), again tagging along with Yoav while surveying these picturesque, nature-filled slopes.

Scrub Warbler
Lots to enjoy, the stars being Calandra larks singing and displaying all around us, Pale Rock Sparrows, Long-billed Pipits, Scrub Warblers, Mourning Wheatears and stunning flora - not least the rare Judean Iris (see below).

Judean Iris

Mourning Wheatear

Long-billed Pipit
Great Spotted Cuckoo