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Saturday, January 4, 2020

Northern Israel, Winter 2019 - Odds and Ends

A visit to Ma'agan Michael with Sheli - another fantastic network of fishponds on the Med coast, crammed with birds - produced some special opportunities to photograph incoming great White Pelicans among other species

Tame Hoopoe from another surveying session with Yoav at Ashdod (also on the Med coast) 

A few hours at the wonderful Jerusalem Bird Observatory catching up with friends and few decent birds, including accommodating Hawfinches feeding by the pond

Another showy Clamorous Reed Warbler, this one at Ma'agsn Michael

Great Bittern, Ma'agan Michael

Glossy Ibises coming into roost at Ma'agan Michael

Black Redstart, Ashdod

Calandra Larks and Skylarks

More shape-shifting Pelicans