Champions of the Flyway!

Sunday, March 21, 2021

Goodbye, Seaside Danny Wilde

A quick commercial break on account of the release of our new album this week. Goodbye, Seaside Danny Wilde is our third studio album and is available as a download via our Bandcamp page as of now. It's a more intimate and campfirey affair than our previous records, reflective of and influenced by our exile here on the Yorkshire coast, and you can buy it (or just listen for free) HERE

Going Underground were kind enough to dedicate their latest podcast to the album - Graeme and I chat about the background, the influences and the making of the album and play a few choice excerpts over a cosy ten minutes. Have a listen here.

Americana UK described the album as "Richly woven and warm, these transportive tales will take you away... Something verging on holiness in its reverence...a joy of a place to escape to." You can read the full review here.