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Saturday, March 13, 2021

Recent Manoeuvres

Avocets - stars of the turning tides 

Despite the last couple of (celebratory, eternally grateful) posts, it's been a good few weeks since I've addressed birding in general on here of late, and in that spirit, here's a quick coughed-up furball of recent manoeuvres. Work-wise, we're surveying the Humber like crazy presently, with three ongoing projects and many days spent meticulously counting / following shorebirds on or over the industrialised mudflats of the mighty Humber; it varies greatly, from humdrum to thrilling and all points inbetween, but it's a privilege to have so many bird-related projects on the go, especially during lockdown.
Swirling murmurations of Pink-feet and confiding Wigeon on the Humber
Back on home turf, I very nearly absent-mindedly typed that local lockdown birding - pretty much confined to the Filey area - has been fairly predictable for the time of year; I then quickly remembered that I recorded Filey's third-ever Stone-curlew on my nocmig (see here), and then bumped into a White-billed Diver a couple of days ago off the North Cliff (see here), so I'll respectfully shut my trap and crack on.
An early contender for Bird Of The Year - White-billed Diver
Slavonian Grebe off the Brigg
Teal (above) and Gadwall (below)
Summer-plumaged Black-headed Gulls
Purps down on the Brigg
Lots of Yellowhammers and plenty of Goshawks up in the forest
Local Tree Sparrows claiming squatting rights for the season