Champions of the Flyway!

Thursday, July 22, 2021

Scotland, July '21 in pictures (part two)

Day Four saw us heading north from Grantown, to the coast (via an impromptu diversion to marvel at some pretty wonderful Pictish carved stonemasonry), and more specifically, to Spey Bay. Again warm and soon once again sunny, we strolled the shingle banks of the estuary and beach - I in the company of a very accommodating flock of Sanderlings (above and below), Amity 'beach-cleaning' with a plastic shark grabber she found on the strandline. It's good to have different interests.
The bay and estuary were packed with birds, including Ospreys and Little Terns (pictured)
Another diversion for a picnic lunch, this time to Rothiemay neolithic stone circle, hidden in the countryside further east. After falling asleep there for a while, it was vaguely disappointing not to wake up in either another time or universe, but otherwise, the stones were impressive.
Back near base for the afternoon, and a walk in nearby Anagach forest with our friend Sue and companion Loki; after catching up with Simon (Pawsey - another local good friend and highly recommeded wildlife guide for Cairngorms Birding), it really feels like it'd be easy to settle up here. (Huge donations towards house / land purchase gratefully accepted).