Champions of the Flyway!

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Flamborough Dotterel, May 2018

I know, what a beauty.... from a few weeks back in the field next to my workplace at the Living Seas Centre, South Landing. Despite finding a few at Filey, it's a species which has given me the runaround on several occasions at Flamborough - not that it mattered after this very satisfying and privileged one-on-one experience. The bird had been there a few days, and I'd had crappy views as it remained generally distant and skittish.

Not so on this evening, however, when - after a particularly manic day helping to run the Yorkshire Puffin Festival over at North Landing - a little downtime with a seriously quality bird was exactly what I was hoping for. After watching its feeding pattern for a few minutes and realising that it didn't care about my presence, I sat down and waited in a position that seemed most likely to gain close views; it worked, and then some....