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Monday, December 30, 2019

Northern Israel, Winter 2019 - Kfar Ruppin Kingfishers & More

The fishponds at Kfar Ruppin, not three minutes from the Jordan Valley Birding Center, are exploding with birdlife, and constitute one of the simultaneously easiest and most exciting birding experiences one can have. All three Kingfishers are everywhere - Pied, White-throated and Common - and are especially approachable -

Most of the waders (bar the Spur-winged Lapwings, of course, which are everywhere and would happily set up shop in a washing machine) are concentrated on the drained or partly drained ponds, and there's plenty to go through - (many) Temminck's and Little Stints, Dunlins, Ringed and Little Ringed Plovers, Marsh, Common, Green and Wood Sandpipers and more - and while there was nothing out of the ordinary present during my stay, it's a hotspot for scarcitities and anything can turn up.

Moustached Warblers - easily found in the reeedy areas