Champions of the Flyway!

Sunday, December 15, 2019

Unst, Shetland - Autumn 2019 (part two)

Red-breated Flycatcher in the Health Centre garden - one of several we stumbled upon during the week, this bird was next to the Blyth's Reed Warbler when we open the gate and peeked in....

Chaffinches and Bramblings were arriving throughout, often into the gardens around the cottage in Norwick

Pied Fly in the Shetland sunshine

Snow Buntings were also arriving throughout, although were less numerous than Lapland Buntings

One of many Common Redstarts, this bird seemed particularly pale and grey,with a strong wing panel, and hung around on the deck in a quarry with a Black Redstart - we are as yet unable to magically turn it into something rarer however

Shetland Wren

A Greenland Wheatear on Lamba Ness....

... where this Short-toed Lark hung around, often with Lapland Buntings

Another Redstart, this one in the ditch at Skaw

Twite - always a joy

Gannet and Viking longboat - none more Shetland

A Tree Pipit near the cottage 

European Golden Plover (above and below, showing plumage variation)

Red Breasted Merganser