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Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Northern Israel, Winter 2019 - Kibbutz Terns

Here's the first in a series of photo-heavy posts from a memorable twelve days in the north of Israel, which ended a couple of weeks ago, incorporating late November and early December.

For the first part of the trip, I was fortunate to be invited to spend the best part of a week at the magical Jordan Valley Birding Center, helping them with a few comms, marketing and logistics issues, which meant sampling this winter birding paradise as part of my research (tough life, eh?) - and what a place it is. Much more to follow over the next week or two, but to kick off, here's a few terns...

.... all White-winged (Black), but for a Whiskered at the foot of the post. In typical JVBC fashion, I spent a peaceful half-hour enjoying these beauties at point-blank range in the warm sunshine, two minutes from the birder's lodge, at the fish ponds - which i had basically to myself.