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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Filey vs The World - August (1)

Never a month to take for granted (but one that usually provides some quality with enough persistence), August here in Filey was as entertaining as I'd hoped it would be.

Purple Sandpiper & Turnstone on the Brigg; Five Green Sands at the Dams

A wide range of waders began to appear both on the Brigg and at the Dams, including many in summer plumage, fresh from the taiga and tundra of the north. Passerine migrants began to trickle through, and although there were no major falls, there was enough to keep the home fires burning. The pick of the bunch were undoubtedly the two Icterine Warblers I was lucky enough to find, both in the Top Scrub, on 14th and 26th respectively.

Three Little Egrets, East Lea; Knots on the Brigg

Greenshank at the Dams

Icterine Warbler in the Top Scrub

The sea provided more and more as August wore on. By mid-month, all four skuas, Roseate Terns and the first Sooties were in the bag, and then by the end of the month, it was a thrill to experience some of the best movements in years - Filey at its best from the hallowed hide on the Brigg. Skuas and Shearwaters in their multitudes; it doesn't get much better.

Bonxie on the Brigg

Of last August? California and Australia (see next post). Could be worse....