Monday, December 17, 2012

Filey vs The World - May (2)

Despite being briefly covered in the last post, here's a few more photo highlights from this May in Filey to legitimise my already shaky premise for this series.....

Tawny Owl, Brambling and Long-tailed Tit

Black-and-white Warbler

A year earlier meanwhile, and our lengthy stay in rural Massachusetts allowed for plenty of relaxed birding, much of which was within striking distance of the family homestead - woodland, farmland and orchards on our doorstep, and an extended opportunity to get intimate with the area's spring avifauna.

male Rose-breasted Grosbeak

male American Goldfinch

Plenty of wonderful birding and never a dull moment, especially with breeding birds in fresh spring plumage and migrants arriving all the time. The least expected, however, was this cracking Mississippi Kite, which sailed over while I was kicking back raptor-watching in the back garden - a quality overshooting rarity and a first for the county.