Champions of the Flyway!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Filey, 31 from '13 - #20

It was a great autumn to be here on the east coast, and while far from the rarest prize on offer, arguably the real stars of the show were these tiny harbingers of all things eastern, Yellow-browed Warblers. To contextualise, last autumn was below par locally for them, and I was happy to find about half a dozen here in Filey (and a couple more elsewhere); this autumn, however, was the best on record, and a bona fide influx occurred between the third week of September and mid-October.

Over the course of those few weeks I was lucky enough to find about 25 here (from a record-breaking year total of about 35), and was party to some uniquely memorable experiences with new arrivals - more here; hence, 2013 will always be inextricably linked to these always delightful Siberian sprites.