Champions of the Flyway!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Echo Point, New South Wales - August 2011 (pt 2)

Grey Shrike-thrush - an entertainingly tame, hand-feedable bird in the forest above the Three Sisters

A wander along the wooded footpath, as well as an excursion down and up the vertigo-inducing steps by the Three Sisters, produced plenty more besides. Thirty-odd species without much effort, fifteen of which were lifers - namely Spotted Pardalote, New Holland Honeyeater, Red Wattlebird, Eastern Spinebill, Crimson Rosella, Satin Bowerbird, Striated Thornbill, Grey Shrike-Thrush, Brown Thornbill, Galah, Spotted Dove, White-browed Scrubwren, Rockwarbler, Bell Miner and Eastern Whipbird.

Red Wattlebird

Eastern Spinebill - noisy and beautiful little sprites

From there, an afternoon in the charmingly-monikered Megalong Valley beckoned, with plenty of highlights to follow.