Champions of the Flyway!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Finches - San Francisco

One of the most productive spots in the park is an area of wasteland and ruined buildings coated in (refreshingly stylish) graffiti and gradually being reclaimed by nature, with weedy plants and scrub encroaching throughout. Not unlike similar sites back home and, no doubt, across the world, I wasn't the only shaven-headed Homo sapiens who got his kicks hiding in the bushes; thankfully actual advances were few and far between, and Abney Park Cemetery's residents could learn a few good manners from their SF counterparts.

Weedy areas = finches, and their were clouds of them; mainly House Finches, but also plenty of American Goldfinches, and another new one, Lesser Goldfinches. It was also interesting to note 'yellow-variant' House Finches were by no means uncommon, and accounted for perhaps 15 - 20% of the males here.